Wednesday, September 23, 2009

PLC Book Study #1 Underway

Think Big - It Is Our Time!

Project-based learning = Teachers designing the experience and the students taking part in the process and product.

Redefine your personal edge to push yourself to go farther and farther.

C.A.S.E = Change Agents for the Student Experience

C.A.S.E = Change Agents for the School Experience

Become the Agent - constantly redesign your edge

Initiatives -
>" become the most technology rich learning environment..."
> it's about the staff and the students
> not necessarily about having the pieces

> Teacher Web Pages - consistent and timely communication

> ePortfolios for all students - digital content managed by one person
>Here's an example at Atomic Learning:

Assist students in building a collection of student work - How could we do this? What are some ideas?
-Google docs

>student accounts and email - How will we get the information out to kids successfully?
>Students in Tech CASE class will be assigned to new users --> teach the basics, be held accountable through real-world experiences and applied learning processes

>create an effective PLC - related to student learning


  1. I love the idea of students building a portfolio. It is an awesome concept and would be excellent when they apply to high school.

    The best part is they would learn how to keep up with their work over a long span of time. This would give them the opportunity to see their own growth. How powerful would that be!

  2. I agree with Laura. Not only will they get to see their own growth- but they will be introduced to the importance of presenting something that they have spent time on.

    They will have to look at their body of work and figure out a creative way to make it more visually pleasing. This is a tool that will be beneficial in both college and the business world. Can you guys emagine if we had these kinds of opportunities when we were this age? It's mind boggling to me.......