Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Grace Is Going Places

In a day in the life of Grace on Tuesday, November 10, 2009 at Grace School, here are just a few of the many uses of technology in our classrooms:

3rd Grade-
A 3rd grade teacher set up math centers in her classroom focusing around the concept of remainders. She used a book, A Remainder of One, to introduce the concept. Students used varied manipulatives in two different centers, worked in their math journal in one center, used the Notebook computers to visit the interactive math site which ties directly into our math program where teachers can view student progress in another center, and in yet one more, a SMART center, students use the Airliners and the SMARTBoard to practice cloning and infinite cloning images and regrouped to show arrays and remainders.

1st Grade-
A 1st grade class recorded their voice to go along with an 'All About Me' slideshow they created using PowerPoint and SMARTNotebook software. The students even chose their own music!

5th Grade-
Students used their ePal email accounts to study for a social studies test later in the day while at the same time practiced sending messages with proper 'netiquette' in preparation for blogging activities they will begin soon.

3rd Grade-
Students in 3rd grade were immersed in a keyboarding camp that will run the rest of this week in the afternoon. Students learned keyboarding skills through several activities including direct instruction with two teachers in the computer lab, drill and practice activities on the classroom computers, and other handwritten activities involving color connections and key/letter identification.

7th & 8th Grade-
Middle school Yearbook students began their class by checking their school email accounts for any information or announcements pertinent to the class. They checked-in for the day by accessing the Yearbook collaborative website hosted by Google sites which contains important information about assignments, deadlines, and announcements. Students completed a self-evaluation which was posted on the comments section of their personal page and worked on the appropriate assigned spreads using the Adobe CS3, including PhotoShop, InDesign, and Illustrator.

This is what I saw yesterday...there's a lot more going on at Grace, so stay tuned for updates about what other grade levels and classes are doing!

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  1. I have received emails from the news team students, and I think it is an excellent way for busy students and teachers to connect. Way to go Mrs. K!